Monday, August 18, 2008


So, in case it isn't obvious by now, I really haven't been doing much in the way of blogging lately. In part, its because I really overdid it in the beginning of the year, and kinda ran myself out of passion (and topics I was passionate about). In part, it was this damnable "summer slump" limiting my play, which I expect to transition smoothly into the "pre-expansion slump" those of us who played pre-BC are familiar with. Part of it stems from the fact that I've been stressed out over some recent guild issues regarding our future as a raiding guild. Part of it is the fact that I've been dealing with a long period of depression, something I've dealt with on-and-off for many, many years now, the most recent bout being closely tied to our country's not-gonna-admit-its-an-economic-recession, and the subsequent uncertainty in my job with an already-faltering General Motors Corporation. And part of it, of course, being the burnout I had with bear tanking, or more accurately cat DPSing with the occasional add to tank.

I do plan on bringing back the blog eventually, though, and will of course leave up what I already have here. Hell, if all this developer talk of "bringing druid tanks up to the level of main tanking" and "realizing being great at offtanking isn't an enticing raid role" come to fruition, I might even find renewed interest in Surania! While I put very little faith in Blizzard's ability to fix hybrids usually, I have to admit they made great progress with TBC, so anything is possible.

Anyhow, until then, keep on burninating the peasanties!


Anonymous said...

I really hope you continue with this blog. And hopfully the recession will end soon so all of us can prosper again.


Bell said...

I'll be waiting for when you come back :)

Hope you fell better.

Anonymous said...

Yeah me too, I hope you get over your depression. Makes sense not to blog if you're depressed too - you'll just depress your readers!

Also, I like your comments about the viability of feral MTs in wrath. Yes! Its what we've all been waiting for.

Maybe druids will become less of a hybrid class in the way they have been; having 5-10 talent points invested in either tanking, or dpsing, is quite a long way from having identical talents for both.

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