Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Closer Look at Bear Threat, Part 1

Today's entry is going to be relatively short. Mostly because I've spent most of the last 2 hours creating a threat calculator for our various druid threat attacks, taking into account ALL the variables I could muster. Overall hit rate, crits, bonus threat, talents, heck, the only thing I think I left out was the possibility of having SALVATION on! Well, that, and the possibility of fighting mobs that are lower than level 73, because I dont care about trash *shrug*. Special thanks goes to Karthis; your post on rage generation was a great help, the formulae on wowwiki were just too painful to try to interperet.

First off, here are the numbers that appear in the calculator by default. I assumed a reasonably well geared, raid buffed tank, using an Earthwarden (Note the Expertise rating):

And here is a link to the calculator itself. Simply adjust the green values to suit, and witness the magic!

Tomorrow's post is going to use this calculator to analyze druid threat generation. What fun!

Nonetheless, If you happen to find something I did leave out, or think I might have, say so, I'll get it in there before Part 2 tomorrow. Oh, or any mistakes I may have made (Especially if you happen to have a reliable source with an exact value for swipe scaling).


SuraBear said...

A couple fixes from the first draft, regarding lacerate; I forgot to factor in that lacerate's damage has a 0.2 modifier built in, I forgot to factor in the mangle debuff on lacerate's damage, and I intentionally ignored the actual bleed, but now have it as a separate line item.

Also, I added in a TPS calculator. Input your tanking rotation, and get your average TPS in return.

Karthis said...

Wow - nice work!

Just a warning - my math is a bit off for Maul (according to a reader). I'll correct that today, so that you can update the calculator.

SuraBear said...

I actually only used your numbers for the rage "cost" of auto attack. Most other numbers came from WoWwiki/WoWhead/DruidWiki.

Wildbloom said...

I have a question about the talent section on the calculator, are the numbers in the boxes the numbers in the talent panel on wow, and are the default numbers assuming you maxed out each talent?

SuraBear said...

The defaults are indeed assuming the talent is maxed out. But no, the numbers dont represent the number of talent points invested. I probably SHOULD modify it to work that way, but for now, they instead represent some sort of relative value of the talent.

For example, Naturalist, when maxed out, gives you 10% (0.1) bonus damage, Ferocity reduces the rage costs of many abilities by 5, and Primal Fury gives you a 100% (1) chance of getting back 5 rage on a critical.

Bellthane said...

Hi Surabear!

Can you update it to the changes in Patch 2.4? Thanks for your work!


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