Friday, January 18, 2008

Obligatory Introductory Post. . .

So. A Blog huh? How did I end up talking myself into this one? Oh, right, I guess it started when I stumbled upon Another Feral Druid's Blog and ended up becoming a regular reader. The more I read his blog, as well as those he himself read, the more the idea of having a blog of my own grew on me . . . especially after some of the treatises I started leaving in response to posts. And earlier this week, I decided to take the plunge, and here I am.

But, you might ask, who the heck ARE you? Well, I am many people. In game, I am Surania Lorezon, Night Elf feral tank extraordinaire of the Steamwheedle Cartel server (Well, I don't know about that extraordinaire part, but everybody I tank for seems to love me *shrug*). Well, usually. Sometimes, I'm Kirari Jacol, the snarky gnome Affliction Warlock. Or Kibler, the huntress, travelling with her two pets Bacon (the pig) and Bits (the ravager), all puns obviously intended. Or any one of a number of other alts I have. . . those were just the ones at 70.

How do I have time to level up so many alts? Do I not have a life? Well. . . yeah, pretty much. I admit it, I'm an addict, and I dont have much of an out-of-game social life to pull me away from the game. It doesn't help that I work a 3-11:30pm job, and thus having a social life is nearly impossible. But really, I find that WoW gives me MORE of a social life than I'd otherwise have, as I've found a wonderful (and rapidly growing) group of friends to spend my time with in-game, we're practically family. . . right down to the feuding.

Of course, its not enough for me to just PLAY the game, I had to go and become an officer of my guild, Prophecy. And not just an officer, up until recently I was the dang Guild Master. Talk about fun *grumbles*. In fact, its my experiences as an officer that inspired me most to start this blog, and most likely will inspire a great number of my future postings, at least at first. The most bizarre thing is, people actually seem to think I'm a good leader. Weirdos.

When I'm not playing Warcraft, I'm usually either at work (reading Blogs) in a General Motors Fuel Cell research facility in Honeoye Falls, NY, or at home spending time with my fiancee (Who also plays), my 3 Rabbits (Nosey, Smokey, and Oreo), 2 Cats (Pounce and Bear), Guinea Pig (Patches), Chinchilla (Twitch), and Parrot (Beaker). Did I mention I live in a two-bedroom apartment? Yeah, its a madhouse to be sure.

Now, for one warning. I have this nasty tendency to not follow through with things like this. I once had a LiveJournal that lasted a couple months, a couple of online D&D campaigns that died before they really got off the ground, and I really haven't looked at my MySpace page since I made the silly thing. Now, since I have a great deal of free time at work, something I didn't have the luxury of for the rest of those things (Save the MySpace page, but I can't access that service from work), I hold out hope for this project, but we shall see.

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**hugs Papabear**

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